Weekly summary- 8

This week, I was able to get some interesting daily creates in. The first was “Different sides of me”. The second was “Favorite Moment“. The third was “Jim Groom was kidnapped…

I was able to listen in on Thursday to the radio shows. Noir not the father was really good. Noirtalk was good too. I found different things about each to like or that caught me off guard.

The ten comments I did were:

First onesecond one, third one, fourth one, fifth one, sixth one, seventh one, eighth one, ninth one, and tenth one.  I found some very good blogs to comment on this week. Some I agreed with their inspirations.

The inspired submissions were one, two, three, and four. Most of them were visual assignments/daily creates, but they each had some great aspects to them.

For the assignments, I did an invitation, a bumper sticker, and change of scenery. All three dealt with my character, either for her store that she owns or in connection to the radio show that we did.

I did set up the email and twitter account for my character, Miakoda Ravenclaw. The email is thecraftycauldron2015@gmail.com. The twitter account is @Miakoda2015.

This week was fun. Can’t wait to listen to the next set of radio shows.

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