Weekly Summary – 7 -Radio Show.

This week was intense. Trying to get the radio show done was hard. We finally were able to finish it up in time. The radio progress blog tells how it went.

The daily creates weren’t as fun to me as they have been. I did do three, but for some reason I wasn’t feeling them this week. Normally I like them.

Daily create 1, Daily create 2, and Daily create 3.

The comments that I did were for these ten blogs. I got to hear some of the radio shows and they were really good.  I was able to learn a new way to change tinting on photos from one blog.

First onesecond one, third one, fourth one, fifth one, sixth one, seventh one, eighth one, ninth one, and tenth one.

It has been fun doing this radio show.  It gave me a new perspective on what really goes into them. More power to those who do them.


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