Weekly summary- 6

This week we worked on our radio show. Our group is called Eagles in the dark. Our theme for the radio show is “Most Wanted”. The design idea blog. It seems like we made a great deal of progress thinking and collaborating on the story line of our show.

I commented on 10 different post:

First one, second one, third one, fourth one, fifth one, sixth one, seventh one, eighth one, ninth one, and tenth one.

I chose to check out different types of blogs. I didn’t want to listen to the same kinds from 10 different people. They were fun to read, look at, and/or listen too.

The radio show that I got to listen to this week was Mildred Pierce. I thought it was great.  Here is my blog for it.

The process for the radio show went well, I think. We discussed a lot of ideas and recorded part of the session. The progress blog.

I did three different assignments to add up to the 10 stars we needed. The first was the spooky sounds.  The second was the “911 fake call”. The third was the “multi-personality“.

I am looking forward to how the radio show turns out for our group and all the others.


3 thoughts on “Weekly summary- 6”

  1. Great idea deciding to record our meeting! I think it went well and we got a lot done. I hope the recording helped the members who weren’t able to make it.

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