Week Four Summary

This week was a new experience for me.  I had not had experience really with working with audio. The Audacity is a working progress for me to get better at the sound aspect of things.

Working to layer sounds to make up a scene that you can visualize was tough.

For the  audio assignments I choose to make a file with the sounds of someone getting shot. My character happens to get into the sight of someone who wants to harm her. Therefore, I wanted something suspenseful for her. This is the post.

The other audio assignments that I did were “Get this song out of my head” and “Theme Song”.

The daily creates were fun as well.  The first was the “Ruin-porn photography” which I have done different projects on before. The second is “What does the puppy thinking”.

I did not get to do the radio bumper or participate in listening to the radio broadcast due to some issues.


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