Week Two

I am actually finding the writing assignments and daily create assignments to be quite fun.  I am learning a lot from them.

I was one who didn’t want a twitter account and didn’t look at blogs much. But I will say that this has been an interesting and eye opening experience.

I liked reading then listening to The Shadow  The Death Triangle. I found the script to be able to keep my attention. One I like old-school mysteries. Two, it had twist that kept me wondering.  Once I read it, I had to listen to the original recording. The technology back then to do the different types of sounds was inventive.

The Postman Always Rings Twice was a story that I could not really get into. It had some twist and turns throughout, but for some reason, it didn’t hit the “enjoy reading me” button.

The third reading I did was The Killers by Ernest Hemingway. Other than the racial slurs, the story line was intriguing. It was kind of sad to me that Ole Anderson was basically giving up, when the others were trying to help him.

For my character, I actually had a story I had been writing. I decided to use her. She is part Cherokee Indian, Scott-Irish, and German.  If you haven’t guessed, I am really into the moon, stars, and sun. So when looking for a name for her, I choose one that meant “power of the moon”, Miakoda.

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