Learn How to Read a Movie

After reading the How to read a movie article, I watched the Tarantino clip, Examples of Editing Techniques, and Camera Angles and Techniques.

Tarantino has the habit of using the camera angle from below. Watching the clip, it reminded me of the films that I had watched by him. The angle always seems to be looking at the bad guys or the one that was going to do some damage.

The Editing Techniques clip really gave some idea of what we could do for the video. The slow motion emphasizes the depth of feeling, to me. Playing Journey was unexpected though.
Camera Angles and technique clip, I understand more of how where the camera is placed changes how to understand what is going on in a movie. This goes back to the Tarantino clip of shooting from below.

All of these gave me ideas for how I think we should shot our video.

I can’t wait.

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