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Change of Scenery- 3 Stars

This assignment was kind of fun. I choose to use a craft store because that is what my character owns. I put Zach Wylde (Ozzy guitar player, singer/guitar player for Black Label Society), a bunch of kittens, and Toothless the dragon (How to train your dragon) in the store. I used photoshop to do this assignment. The kittens are looking up at Zach, while Toothless watches as his protector.

craft store

cats toothless Zakk_Wylde

Promotional Flyer- 2 Stars

This design assignment was something I used to do on a weekly basis. I just did not want to over do it on the graphics. I also wanted it to look simple, like someone with some knowledge of publications did the flyer.

This is to promote a craft fair for my character’s shop. Her shop was supposed to be a craft and occult store, so I figured this would be something that she would do.

assignment flyer