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Your favourite moment in the past week

This daily create was to abstract sketch of your favorite moment of the week. With all those snow days, I was able to spend time with my daughter. There were many favorite moments, from teaching her how to play card games like War, to playing “I Love the 80’s” board game. So in general, I drew myself and my daughter.


My Different Sides

This daily create was to show the different sides of me. I used publisher to do this collage because I did not have access to photoshop when I was doing this. I picked several pictures of myself and cropped them together. One is from when I was 3 and all sweet and innocent, mashed with one when I was about 24 playing with how I would look with lip piercings. The second set is from my senior picture and one I took a couple of months ago. The saying of “If I knew then, what I know now” It is interesting to see the differences throughout the years. I am still all those side, innocent, sweet, trouble making, fun loving, and classy (well, depends on what is going on).


all me


me 2

me 3