Radio shows 3/12/15

This evening I got to listen to Noir not the father and Noirtalk. These were really good shows. I truly enjoyed Noir not the father. Some of the remarks were funny. You had to pay attention to catch them.

The ending to Noirtalk was different. Because it ended so abruptly, I figured it was just the “end of the call” type style. The phone ringing throughout kept me looking at my phone.

I was impressed with the story lines and the added sound effects. Glad I was able to get on there tonight and listen.

2 thoughts on “Radio shows 3/12/15”

  1. These sound like great radio shows! Kind of wish I had gotten to listen to them, “Noirtalk” sounds like it would be very similar to the radio show we made “Inside Talking.”

    1. It’s hard to get to listen to them all, I know. Good luck with yours. Hope I get out of class early to hear it.

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