Weekly Summary- Week 10

This week has gone by in a rush.  We were able to get several days in of video taping. One progress post, and Two progress post.

For the daily creates, I as able to do one using my finger prints. I actually posted two versions of the picture, one normal, the second in noir style. The second daily create was a 15 second batman. In looking at others, it is funny to see what different things people focus on.  The third was making art using a tree. That was different.

I was a little nervous about the interview I did, but I understand they want to get to know me. I mean, I am new to this class.

For the comments on others’ blogs, they were:

First onesecond one, third one, fourth one, fifth one, sixth one, seventh one, eighth one, ninth one, and tenth one.

Most were daily creates because I like to see the different ideas that people come up with for the same daily create.

The video project was fun to do. Rex was our leader and came up with the main idea of our story line. My cohorts for the Dexter’s Devils and I had fun pretending to be mean and bad ass.

For the agency project, the Eagles in the dark are still discussing if we are going to work together.  We seem to work well together. It will be just a bit to get each other together.

Character Interview

To have to do an interview that feels like an interrogation is nerve racking. I am rarely comfortable talking about my lifestyle. Most of the time, I keep what I am really thinking deep in my head. I did this “interview” with Burtis, Black, and Bond. ( I had a hard time downloading Grooms video)

The questions were, well, they were so different. To be asked how often I lie or what did I steal. That was just rude. I am not that type of girl. I am a true believer in treat others as you want to be treated. I believe that what you put out there will come back at you three fold.

I guess it could have been worse though. I mean, I have witnessed so crimes and had to be questioned about those. You would think I was used to it. It’s not my fault that weird stuff happens around my store. Feels like it is a magnet for the strange and unusual.

Oh well. I made it through.

Video Progress- 2

Today we were able to get the last of the filming done. It was cold out, but we were able to go downtown  to video tape us walking around, being hateful. We also did some at the ITCC. I actually had to spin around in those red “top” chairs.

I had may daughter with me today, which ended up being good. We had her doing the part for the bartender.  She is a ham. 🙂

Video Progress

This week, Patrick from the group and I made it out to the Fredericksburg Campus to video tape one of the scenes. It took us several hours to get this done for little over 3 minutes of recording. It was fun. We even got a co-student to let me push her out of the way. (Not too hard). We were supposed to meet up for a scene on Wednesday, but with me being stuck up in northern Virginia, and some of the others not being able to make it, we had to put it off.

Can’t wait to see the final.

Weekly Summary -Week 9

This week, I was able to listen to my group radio show and Noir Buzz.  It was nerve racking listening to our show. The Noir Buzz, I had a hard time following.

For the video assignments, four of us from the group decided to work together to make a video.

For the daily creates, I did the a dream staircase, and arty blur. The staircase means a lot to me and is possible. The arty blur was the carpet at work. It came out so different.

I was not able to get the commentary video to save for some reason. I even tried later.  I think that I just need to play with the program some more. I did get to watch Notorious though.


Learn How to Read a Movie

After reading the How to read a movie article, I watched the Tarantino clip, Examples of Editing Techniques, and Camera Angles and Techniques.

Tarantino has the habit of using the camera angle from below. Watching the clip, it reminded me of the films that I had watched by him. The angle always seems to be looking at the bad guys or the one that was going to do some damage.

The Editing Techniques clip really gave some idea of what we could do for the video. The slow motion emphasizes the depth of feeling, to me. Playing Journey was unexpected though.
Camera Angles and technique clip, I understand more of how where the camera is placed changes how to understand what is going on in a movie. This goes back to the Tarantino clip of shooting from below.

All of these gave me ideas for how I think we should shot our video.

I can’t wait.

My fun