If Jim Groom were kidnapped…

This daily create was to make a ransom note for Jim Groom being kidnapped. I decided to play in publisher with different types of fonts, colors, and such. Thought I would play off the fact that he has the Atari. He seems to be having fun with it.
I cropped the text boxes for each letter to look like some of the ways people cut stuff out of the paper.

groom ransom

8 thoughts on “If Jim Groom were kidnapped…”

  1. I haven’t done my daily create for today, but I really like this and I think it will help me come up with a way to put my daily create together. I really like the colors you picked and the background for the text!

  2. I love your ransom note! It really looks like the words were cut out of magazines or something. Also, I love how you play off previous knowledge of Groom to create a unique note. I guess someone has to break into wherever Groom keeps Atari to pay the ransom now….

  3. I really like the amount of details that you put into this- layering the text boxes really makes it look like scraps of paper. You have a good eye!

    1. Thank you. I really was trying to not have them all look the same. Took some time to make sure everything was somewhat different. 🙂

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