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Miakoda the shop owner

Weekly Summary- Week 13

This week we finished up with our case assignment. The Night Driver game case was really fun to do.

We were able to meet several times to work on the case.

There are several blogs on the site that show the progress. One has the tweets from all three of us. The other shows the pictures from the investigation.  The first post explains how we started the program.

The ransom note and the photo that linked the culprit and groom were the visual

The voice-mail from Grooms phone is on this post.

The video took some time to finish, but we were able to get this done.

Night Driver

This has been an interesting project for Mack, Rex, and me. Being the Chief Director, I was supposedly working on the evidence as they went looking for it. I really think that it turned out great.

Our medias for this project are visual, we had pictures that showed links between people in the case. The ransom notes were another form of visuals.

There was an audio for the voice mail. All of these were intertwined into the final media of video. Our video was fun to make. It was different from our “In the dark” where we were bad girls.

The O.L.D. Agency is our final agency.

Weekly Summary- week 11

This week was fun. I worked with Mack and Rex to form the O.L.D. Agency. This agency works with the new age of criminals.

The daily creates were Happy Birthday Black and Save Noddy.

The five stars that I worked on in the design assignments were the business card and book to movie. The business card was for my agency, while the book cover was for Hackers.

The web assignments was both on Pinterest. They were my dream vacation and and my Pinterest account.

The comments for this week are for:

First onesecond one, third one, fourth one, fifth one, sixth one, seventh one, eighth one, ninth one, and tenth one.


Weekly Summary- Week 10

This week has gone by in a rush.  We were able to get several days in of video taping. One progress post, and Two progress post.

For the daily creates, I as able to do one using my finger prints. I actually posted two versions of the picture, one normal, the second in noir style. The second daily create was a 15 second batman. In looking at others, it is funny to see what different things people focus on.  The third was making art using a tree. That was different.

I was a little nervous about the interview I did, but I understand they want to get to know me. I mean, I am new to this class.

For the comments on others’ blogs, they were:

First onesecond one, third one, fourth one, fifth one, sixth one, seventh one, eighth one, ninth one, and tenth one.

Most were daily creates because I like to see the different ideas that people come up with for the same daily create.

The video project was fun to do. Rex was our leader and came up with the main idea of our story line. My cohorts for the Dexter’s Devils and I had fun pretending to be mean and bad ass.

For the agency project, the Eagles in the dark are still discussing if we are going to work together.  We seem to work well together. It will be just a bit to get each other together.