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Photo Safari week 3

I have been taking pictures throughout this week. Fortunately, I have a daughter who lets me take pictures of her. She has been my little helper with some of my projects.

First: is the dramatic use of distinct shadows.


Second: is the lighting from one side.


Third: the “Venetian blind” effect. Here, I actually did one in gray scale and the other in color.



Fourth: Is the sense of drama.


and Fifth: is the grittiness of built environment. This is the retainer wall outside of a basement door.


Now, my daughter had watched the video with me for this week. She thought that she had a cat for the NoirCat. She had two. Now, they aren’t black cats, but this was our fun little NoirCat



This was a fun assignment to work on.

Once upon a time

flatness morbid eyes abnormally careless tense pounding vast predatory bumble

The little rabbit was tense when he saw the wolf coming out of the woods.  The wolf could smell the rabbit, moving to his predatory stance.

The rabbit looked at the flatness of the meadow and decided to cross the vast area. The wolf started pounding after the rabbit in is careless pursuit of him.

The wolf ran near a tree that housed a bumble bee nest. The bees were abnormally active for this time of day. When the wolf ran near, his hind end hit the tree when he turned. The bees swarmed down upon the wolf.

The rabbit looked back in morbid relief as the bees went for the eyes of the wolf.

After a few minutes, the rabbit hiding, the wolf got into the pond next to the meadow. Leaving the bees to go back to their nest

Old Photo

old photo It was to be a happy day for the wedding couple. Being of a time when people worried about every little thing, they tried to make their wedding day special and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the older sister of the bride decided to throw a hissy-fit.

“He was supposed to be mine”, “What does she have that I don’t have”, were some of her rants.

The fathers of the couple had agreed to the possibility of a marriage years before. The older sister had it in her head that the groom would be hers. She had a high opinion of herself, thinking less of the youngest sister.

When the groom came to meet the sisters, he took one look at the youngest and new that she was the one for him. She was beautiful, smart, and sweet. He thought that she would be the perfect wife for him.

The oldest sister came of as arrogant, hateful, and condescending. He knew that this would not be good for his shop at home or his family.

Right before the picture was taken, the brides father told the oldest sister that if she made another scene, he was shipping her off to a nunnery. Therefore, when the picture was taken, everyone was trying to get through the pictures.