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Design assignments

Change of Scenery- 3 Stars

This assignment was kind of fun. I choose to use a craft store because that is what my character owns. I put Zach Wylde (Ozzy guitar player, singer/guitar player for Black Label Society), a bunch of kittens, and Toothless the dragon (How to train your dragon) in the store. I used photoshop to do this assignment. The kittens are looking up at Zach, while Toothless watches as his protector.

craft store

cats toothless Zakk_Wylde

Design Blitz

The design bitz made me really look at my surroundings.

For color, I had chosen a wreath that was still up from the holidays. The red stands out from the rest of the plain colors.


For typography, I had actually had to do some of that for a class a few years ago. The teacher was trying to get students to sign up for the typography class.  It was fun.

Exercise 10

I used a symbol that is very common for symbol/metaphors. The bathroom symbols are normally where ever you have to go.


Minimal sign I found was a simple  hospital sign.  The “H” is simple. Don’t have to spell out the whole word for you to know that it means hospital.


Rhythm, I used my daughters bracelets. When looking at them, you see that it is a silver charm, then letter, silver, letter, etc.


Unity gave me a little trouble. I was trying to find something that gave me a feeling of unity. We have a picture of a stadium full of fans hanging on a wall that shows unity to me. You have the whole picture, yet, each individual can be picked out.


I chose this item for proportion. They layout of the picture and information was laid out in perfect proportion to the sides and top/bottom.


Dominance to me was the way the winter trees outback were dominating the scene of the woods. It was like they were saying that it was their time to live.


This was an interesting assignment.

Promotional Flyer- 2 Stars

This design assignment was something I used to do on a weekly basis. I just did not want to over do it on the graphics. I also wanted it to look simple, like someone with some knowledge of publications did the flyer.

This is to promote a craft fair for my character’s shop. Her shop was supposed to be a craft and occult store, so I figured this would be something that she would do.

assignment flyer