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Assignment Idea #1

This assignment goes along with the characters.

Make the ideal work space for your character. Fill it with different things that the character would like.

This is a library/office for me. It is filled with books as well as calming murals for the walls.

This is using several tools in Photoshop. The pattern tool to make the floor. Several times using adjustment and copy.

Character Interview

To have to do an interview that feels like an interrogation is nerve racking. I am rarely comfortable talking about my lifestyle. Most of the time, I keep what I am really thinking deep in my head. I did this “interview” with Burtis, Black, and Bond. ( I had a hard time downloading Grooms video)

The questions were, well, they were so different. To be asked how often I lie or what did I steal. That was just rude. I am not that type of girl. I am a true believer in treat others as you want to be treated. I believe that what you put out there will come back at you three fold.

I guess it could have been worse though. I mean, I have witnessed so crimes and had to be questioned about those. You would think I was used to it. It’s not my fault that weird stuff happens around my store. Feels like it is a magnet for the strange and unusual.

Oh well. I made it through.

Video Assignment

Four of us out of our group decided to work together to make a video. Thanks to Patrick, who started the  by setting up the google doc. We have all contributed to the ideas and script for the video, but Patrick had taking the leadership role for the video.

I story line is about a group of women that are terrorizing a city. I play the lead mean girl, while Kassia and Sharla play my following bad girls. Patrick is the detective. This should be a very interesting story.
Each of us is working on the trailers for our characters. We will be putting them together when we do the editing. We will be meeting several times this week to film everything.