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I am a 35 year old single mom who is trying to better myself for my daughter. I currently work and go to school. I would like to graduation in 2016. I have a fascination with celestial, abandoned, peaceful, and/or wiccan/fantasy imagery. I love going to concerts, hanging out with my family and reading.

Weekly 15- reflection

These past two weeks I have been working on daily create ideas and assignment ideas.

The first daily create is putting yourself in a screen shot from a noir movie.

The second daily create is “See through the wall”. It is finding  what is behind a wall.

The first assignment idea is to create the work space of your character. I called it “All those books”

The second assignment idea is to create a pet for your character. I had named it “Here Kitty Kitty”

For the final project we did a radio show. It was a lot of fun. This is the poster from that  radio show.

Noir a cheater

All of the assignments, projects, and daily creates has given me a new understanding of what can go on online. It has taken me a little in the beginning to get used to everything, but I have found that I really like doing the different media.

It was hard in some of the videos to not laugh out ourselves. The fight seen with Patrick was really hard not to laugh.

Using audacity was a great learning experience. Putting the sounds together, matching up several sounds to make one. Wow, It was good using that experience when doing the video projects too. Cutting and manipulating them in just the right moments.

Thank you for an enlightening experience

Final project

This final project we got together to do another radio show. It has been great working with Rex (Patrick) and Mack (Sharla).  We wanted something funny for the final. So we did a silly radio show. This is the poster that I created for the radio show.

Noir a cheater

Assignment Idea #1

This assignment goes along with the characters.

Make the ideal work space for your character. Fill it with different things that the character would like.

This is a library/office for me. It is filled with books as well as calming murals for the walls.

This is using several tools in Photoshop. The pattern tool to make the floor. Several times using adjustment and copy.

Weekly Summary- Week 13

This week we finished up with our case assignment. The Night Driver game case was really fun to do.

We were able to meet several times to work on the case.

There are several blogs on the site that show the progress. One has the tweets from all three of us. The other shows the pictures from the investigation.  The first post explains how we started the program.

The ransom note and the photo that linked the culprit and groom were the visual

The voice-mail from Grooms phone is on this post.

The video took some time to finish, but we were able to get this done.

Night Driver

This has been an interesting project for Mack, Rex, and me. Being the Chief Director, I was supposedly working on the evidence as they went looking for it. I really think that it turned out great.

Our medias for this project are visual, we had pictures that showed links between people in the case. The ransom notes were another form of visuals.

There was an audio for the voice mail. All of these were intertwined into the final media of video. Our video was fun to make. It was different from our “In the dark” where we were bad girls.

The O.L.D. Agency is our final agency.